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This route database is intended for all areas of interest for the Elbsandstein climber or anyone prefering this attitude to climbing. Inclusion criteria are mostly the breakdown in Summits, development and bolting in trad (saxon) style and a certain ambience. Core areas included are the Czech sandstone areas, the Elbsandstein, Zittau rocks and rocks in the Erzgebirge. Among the more distant areas found are Meteora in Greece, Karataslar in Turkey and some areas Namibia. But also other areas found there way in this database, most because of poor representation elsewhere.

The database offers potentially everything of interest for climbers: Information on areas, sub-areas, peaks and routes, with directions, information about first ascent and GPS-accurate peak position. Everything may be commented and also images may be uploaded. The Elbsandstein part of the data base also covers all accidents.

Of course, there are many search options, you can display the data also sorted by many criteria.

All data can also be downloaded for further processing in other programs.

If you need the data offline, it can be downloaded formatted in climbing guide style and printed.

It is apprechiated that each user of this database should also help to further complete it. Whoever wants to use the download functions must be must be logged in until further notice.

Language: The dominating language of the data base is german. So also most of the entries will be in german. However, in all areas entries can be in a second (local) language. And feel free to add comments in english or local language. However, for translation of content already within the database use a translation tool as google translate or similar.

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